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What Is Wetsuit Material
Mar 13, 2018

What is wetsuit material ? Now a scuba diving tide is rising and a variety of equipment must be prepared before diving, one of which is the submersible suit. The diving suit can not only protect the heat, but also avoid the diver from the collision. In fact, scuba diving fabrics are widely used in other fields, in addition to making submersible suits. The following small editor to share the submersible material related small knowledge, together to learn it!


What is the fabric of the submersible fabric? The advantages of the submersible fabric


The most common diving suit fabric with nylon cloth and Lekab two, central lining are foam rubber, so long as the same thickness, diving suit thermal effect of two kinds of fabric made of the same.


The difference between 1 and two kinds of fabrics: in its table cloth, one is nylon cloth, and the other is Lycra. The number of lines in the unit area of Lekab is more and the knitting is denser, so it is more wear-resistant. In addition, Lekab's flexibility is better, so lykb's Submersible clothing will not be deformed.


2, two kinds of fabric life: Lekab's diving suit life will be longer than the nylon cloth diving suit.


3, two kinds of material price: nylon fabric in the market occupies a place, mainly because of its low price. Relatively, the price of Leica fabric is relatively high.


4, non functional choice: because Lycra cloth can choose more colors on the market. If you want your diving suit to shine brightly in the water, then Lycra cloth will be a good choice.


The submersible fabric can be insulated and protect you from scratches and bruises such as coral reefs and other scratches.



The merits of the submersible fabric:


1. protect the products, prevent wear and tear;


2. material is elastic to reduce the damage to the product.


3. light and comfortable, can also be used alone;


4. fashion design;


5. long term use without deformation;


6. dust prevention, anti static, anti scratch;


7. waterproof and impermeable, can be cleaned repeatedly.

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    Add: Luwu Industry Zone, Chashan Town, Dongguan City of Guangdong Province, China
    Tel: +86-769-83286486
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